Dads and kids making memories.Dads and kids making memories.
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Strengthen the Relationship with Your Child

From attending monthly tribe meetings to fun activities and reaching goals together, Y-Guides build the father/child relationship every step of the way. Join a tribe to grow closer and make memories that last a lifetime.

Our program runs with a typical school year calendar. 

You may join by calling the Y-Guides Program Office, 704-716-6282

Join a Tribe

Start a wonderful adventure together.

New members, with children ages 5-8, join tribes with five to ten father/child pairs that live in the same geographic area. Father/son pairs are placed in Y-Guides Braves tribes; and father/daughter pairs in Y-Guides Princess tribes.

If your child is over the age of nine, you may join an existing tribe with similar age children if space is available for new members. Contact our Y-Guides staff for help in finding available options.

Start a New Tribe

Gather a group of five to ten dads with same gender and age children.

Most tribes find members in their neighborhood, in their school, in their church, on sports teams or in dance classes. Utilize neighborhood social media pages or church/school bulletin boards and newsletters to build interest. Attend neighborhood family events. Ask your child’s friends from school to join. It is helpful to live in the same zip code.


Children and dads love recognition.


Keep your tribe wanting more.


Continuity, community, intrigue and magic.


How it all started.