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Children and Dads Love Recognition

The Y-Guides formal recognition program includes tribe awards, individual awards and a 5th Year Medallion. We encourage you not to focus on the accumulation of awards, but on the opportunities to spend time together and grow.

Tribe Awards

Tribes receive awards each spring based on the points they accumulate during the year. Every tribe activity earns points for the tribe.

Successful tribes earn most of their points in the following activities:

  • Y-Guides Promotions
  • Attending Federation Signature Events
  • Participating in Community Service Projects
  • Being a new tribe sponsor
  • Donating to Y-Guides
  • Pay annual dues to Y-Guides

Point totals determine Tribal Awards:

Honor Tribe1200
Golden Light2000
Los Indios3200

Individual Awards

Dads and kids work together on specific requirements during each year to earn feathers, beads and patches for their vests. We encourage you to earn individual awards while remembering that the activities are avenues for you to spend more time together.

5th Year Medallion

A cherished memento.

We award 5th Year Medallions to dads and kids at a spring Longhouse during their fifth year of membership.