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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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We are grateful to our Y-Guides Federation Board for their leadership. 

Dave Melin
"Lucky Badger"
2016 Federation Chief
Rick Angeli David Bellamy James Bolling
"Bear" "Running Fire" "Walking Deer"
Larry Bramble Casey Celi Doug Cohen
"Big Lightning" “Big Dipper” “Screaming Eagle”
Kerr Collins  Joe Dancy  Grant Gildehaus 
“Lone Wolf” “TransAM” “Chief Bearded Owl”
Jason Gudzunas  Dan Haller   David Head  
“Big Bear” “Sea Hawk” “Soaring Spirit”
Mike Hillier   Adam Jenkins   Chris Johnsen  
“Sitting Tree” “Raging Bull” “Bed Bug”
Todd Lanham  Daniel Maddox  Mike Osborne
“Crested Eagle” “Trailing Bull” "Dark Horse"
Todd Rogers     
"Flying Eagle"