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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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"Y-Guides gives dads a chance to see and influence their child's interaction with other kids. The program also gives the child a chance to see their dad lead and interact with other dads. It's a great social learning and development opportunity and - oh, by the way - it creates fun memories that last a lifetime!"
Sassy Strawberry, Y-Guides Director

"Y-Guides has helped my daughter to look past herself and to see the needs of others through community service. It has helped her grow and feel more confident as a seven year old. She has tried new "firsts" with Y-Guides and through the great camping experiences as well....and I have been able to see this first hand....as a dad, and this has been awesome."
Lightning Cat, Y Princess Father

"Y-Guides has been one of the coolest things I have done with my daughter.  She gets excited about all the activities, whether it's a Princess Date Night, an overnight camping trip at the Longhouse or just a monthly event with our tribe.  And I get excited to see how much she enjoys it, and how it helps bring us that much closer together. Y-Guides has taught her different life lessons, whether it's the value of some of the charity work our tribe has done or the confidence she's developed after scaling a climbing wall. We'll be back next year for our third year doing this, and my rising kindergartner is very excited that come fall, she will finally get her chance."
Waterfall Tiger, Y Princess Father

"Y-Guides has been a great program for me and my son. I enjoyed getting away to the Longhouses with some other dads, and it felt like real quality time for my 6 year old and me to really bond and share time together. I think we’ll remember our Y Guides time for the rest of our lives!"
Thunder Bdog, Y-Guides Father