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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Start a wonderful adventure together.

New members, with children ages 5-8, join tribes with five to ten father / child pairs that live in the same geographic area. Father / son pairs are placed in Y-Guides Braves tribes; and father / daughter pairs in Y-Guides Princess tribes.

If your child already has a friend in Y-Guides or is over the age of nine, you may join an existing tribe with similar age children if space is available for new members. Contact our Y-Guides staff for help in finding available options.

When you join a tribe, you spend two to four hours per month participating in meetings or events together. Tribes typically meet once per month for one hour at a member’s home. Fathers determine meeting dates and times that best fit the tribe’s schedule. We encourage tribes to schedule one tribal outing per month and one Longhouse per year.

For a successful start, we provide opportunities every August and September for new members to learn about our program. Check our YGuides events to see whether our information sessions and tribe trainings are scheduled soon.

The best option for new members with children ages 9+ is to start a new tribe with children close to the same age.

To find tribes that meet near your home, please contact:
Y-Guides Program Office | 704 716 4100