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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Boys & Girls
4th - 5th year in Y-Guides
Ages 8+

Braves and Princesses transition to Trailblazers automatically once they enter their fourth year in Y-Guides. Tribes remain together and continue to enjoy the tribal experience.
We recognize that older children are capable of participating in more challenging, adventurous activities due to their physical, social and emotional growth compared to our younger Braves & Princesses. Children begin to take more of a leadership role with father’s assistance in Trailblazers.
Trailblazers events may include: 
  • Laser Tag at YMCA Camp Thunderbird Longhouse
  • Paintball and sport skeet at YMCA Camp Harrison Longhouse
  • YMCA Camp Cheerio Adventure Longhouse with caving, canoeing or biking the Virginia Creeper Trail
  • Princess Date Night Dinner Cruise