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Strong Chiefs make strong tribes. 

Congratulations on starting your fabulous journey as Chief. With a small investment of time, you help build a successful tribe. As Chief, you are responsible for the overall tribe leadership. The Chief presides at meetings ensuring continuity plus serves as the primary coordinator with the Federation and YMCA staff. The Chief also represents the tribe at Chief meetings.
Continue building memories with your child and do not underestimate the pride your child takes in your role as Chief.
Here are some basic tips for new Chiefs to build a successful tribe:
Schedule regular Dad's meetings.
  • These meetings are without children.
  • Important for setting the tribe meeting schedules and developing esprit de corps among the dads. 
Set the tribe meeting and events schedule.
  • Get monthly meetings, events and Longhouses on members’ calendars early.
  • Schedule tribe meetings at least monthly.
    • New tribes may want to meet more often to help build relationships and to develop tribe unity.
    • Strive to personally deliver invitations for tribe meetings during the first year.
  • Schedule a monthly tribal outing.
  • Schedule Longhouses and Federation Signature Events.
    • Pick your first and second choices for Longhouse and Princess Date Night. Register as early as possible. Longhouses and Princess Date Nights fill up quickly. Register online for these annual events as individuals, not as a tribe.
  • Set the tribe schedule in two parts: Fall through the end of January and then January – June.
  • Pay attention to holidays and your school calendar
  • Set schedules early and then make changes later. 
Communicate with your tribe.
  • Create an email list that includes member and spouse email addresses.
  • Establish a phone tree.
  • Keep dads informed and unified.
  • Moms’ help can be essential to a tribe's success. 
Use Chief’s Resources. Utilize Y-Guides web pages for tribal outing and meeting ideas. Keep track of tribal points.
  • Every tribe activity earns points for your tribe. You must keep track of these points monthly on the Honor Tribe Points Worksheet. Learn more about Tribe Awards >> 
Delegate and assign other tribe officers.
  • Medicine Man / Assistant Chief
    • Every strong tribe needs a good second in command. Plus this allows for training of next year's Chief.
  • Wampum Bearer
    • Responsible for the collection and safe keeping of monies and tribal equipment.
  • Tally Keeper
    • Responsible for keeping attendance, calling roll at meetings and tracking progress to achieving awards. Keeps up to date tribe roster.
  • Sachem / Immediate Past Chief
    • Remains in the tribe giving counsel to the current Chief. 
For additional Chief training and information, please contact:
Y-Guides Program Office | 704 716 4100