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Camp Central

Welcome to Camp Central at the Harris YMCA!

At the Y, we work hard to develop safe and exciting day camps that help children thrive. Camp Central is your one-stop information center providing all the camp details and information you need to be prepared and know what to expect. Our hope is to create a worry-free experience where parents feel secure about their children in our care. We hope day camp at the Y will be one of the best parts of your child’s summer!



Parent Handbook

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

What to Bring/Wear

Lunch Information

Camp Schedule

Medical Authorization Form​

Swim Assessment

Heat Advisory

Sunscreen Application

Camp Photos

Parent FAQ’s

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This is your go-to guide for everything you and your camper need to know to be prepared and have an awesome camp experience! View our Parent Handbook >>

Quick tips for parents:
General Camp
  • Apply sunscreen prior to coming to camp
  • Label everything!
  • Wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes
  • Bring a water bottle, swim suit (for camps that swim), and snacks
  • Campers registered for BOTH an AM and PM camps will be transitioned by camp staff between camps
  • Campers who arrive without a lunch will provided a camp lunch at a charge of $10 per lunch
Preschool & Education
  • All children must be potty trained. (Exception-Summer Safari Campers)
  • Traditional Preschool Campers will visit the Splash Park daily
  • Summer Safari Campers will have WATER WEDNESDAYS!
  • Themed preschool camps do not swim
  • American Girl Campers - ONLY bring your doll. No accessories as they tend to get lost
  • American Girl Camp cooks daily.
  • Education Camp Campers will receive two hours instruction from a certified teacher. Please try not to pick up during the instructional time.
Day Camps:
  • Preschool – Cato Education Center
  • School Age – Cato Education Center
  • Middle School – Vivian Carroll Activity Center (Field side entrance)
Adventure Camps:
  • School Age – Cato Education Center
  • Middle School - Vivian Carroll Activity Center (Field side entrance)
  • Arts & Education Camps:
  • Performing Arts & Culinary – Vivian Carroll Activity Center (Fire lane)
Dance & Gymnastics Camps:
  • Dance – Vivian Carroll Activity Center (Fire lane)
  • Gymnastics – Gymnastic Center
Imagination & Fun Camps:
  • Cato Education Center
Sports & Fitness Camps:
  • Golf, Baseball, and Game On  Camp – The Llewellyn Pavilion (Lower parking lot at Harris YMCA)
  • Soccer, Flag Football, All Sports, Dodgeball, Basketball – Beverly Woods Elementary (side parking lot off Heathstead Places across the street from the YMCA)
Aquatics Camps:
  • Vivian Carroll Activity Center (Field side entrance)
See map >>

Check the weather daily and dress your camper accordingly — the camp day will continue rain or shine! Be sure to label EVERYTHING you send to camp with your camper and check the camp’s lost and found at the end of the week before items are donated.

Day Camp
  • Lunch if your child is attending an all day camp or a morning camp
  • A morning snack and an afternoon snack
  • Refillable water bottle (please label)
  • Sunscreen if your child will be attending an outdoor camp
  • Campers should wear comfortable clothes, that can get dirty, with closed-toe shoes
  • Swimsuit for camps that swim
  • Towels provided
  • Hat/visor (suggested)
  • A backpack to carry all items
Preschool and Education
  • Traditional Preschool Campers: Send your child to camp in a bathing suit (no towel needed)
  • All campers need a change of clothes in a labeled ziplock bag
  • Preschoolers should wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty
  • Comfortable clothes, no snaps or zippers
  • Leotards are encouraged but not required
General Camp
  • Wear comfortable clothes with closed-toe shoes
  • Bring a swim suit for all camps that swim (towels are provided at the outdoor pool)
  • Supply sunscreen for all camps
  • Bring a snack for the morning and afternoon

Lunch from Home Details
  • Please pack a lunch and/or snacks from home each day
  • Make sure lunch box or lunch bag is labeled!
  • Frozen or cold lunch items will unfortunately not have access to a microwave or oven
  • Children who do not have a lunch and parents are unable to bring a lunch will have a camp lunch purchased at a mimiumum of $10
  • For AM camps: 1 snack, 1 lunch and 1 refillable water bottle
  • For PM camps: 1 snack and 1 refillable water bottle
  • For full-day camps: 2 snacks, 1 lunch and 1 refillable water bottle
No Nuts Please
We are a nut-free program and the foods we provide as a part of the program are allergy-friendly. Please DO NOT send your child with any food containing nuts. We have children in our programs with severe allergies and you can help prevent a life threatening emergency by selecting alternatives to pack in your child’s snacks and lunches.

Below is a general camp schedule for morning camps, afternoon camps and all day camp. If you are looking for a more detailed schedule please email us.
AM Camps
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM: Drop-off
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM: Snack
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM: Huddle Time
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM: Activity 1
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM: Activity 2
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM: Activity 3
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM: Pick-up/Lunch

Note: Activities will vary based on type of camp. These activities are specific to the camp.  
PM Camps
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM: Drop-off/Transition from AM camp
1:30 PM - 1:45 PM: Welcome
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM: Activity 1
2:45 PM - 3:30 PM: Activity 2
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM: Activity 3
4:30 PM - 5:15 PM: Airnasium/Playground/Snack
5:30 PM - 6:00 PM: Pick-up

Note: Activities will vary based on type of camp. These activities are specific to the camp. 
Day Camp – School Age
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM: Drop-off
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM: Welcome
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM: Huddle Time
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM: Activity 1
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM: Activity 2
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM: Activity 3
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM: Activity 4
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM: Activity 5
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM: Afternoon Assembly
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Pick-up

Note: Activities will vary based on type of camp. These activities are specific to the camp.  

Please administer all medications at home before arriving at camp. If your child needs to take medicine during the camp day, a “Medication Authorization Form” must be filled out and provided to the camp office staff. All medication (including over the counter items) must be dispensed by the camp office personnel. Please contact the camp director if your child has an allergy that requires special attention. These guidelines are for your child’s safety.

Before swimming at camp, all campers are swim tested in the pool under the direct supervision of certified lifeguards and camp staff. Parents can help speed up our swim testing by having your child swim tested before camp begins. Swim tests can be given at any YMCA of Greater Charlotte branch. If you are planning to have your camper take the swim test prior to his or her session, it must be completed by close of business the Wednesday before the session begins. Certified Life Vests are available for any child not able to successfully pass our swim test. Learn more >>
The safety and comfort of our campers is always our top priority and we want you to be aware of the changes we will make to our camp schedule on extremely hot days. Read our policy >>
Protecting skin from the sun’s damaging rays is important. If you have specific questions about sunscreen application or if you have a child with a sunscreen allergy, please contact your branch camp director. 
  • Apply sunscreen to your child before arriving at camp — we can assist in reapplying as needed
  • Send your preferred sunscreen labeled with your child’s name on it
  • Sunscreen sent to camp with your child must be spray on and/or a stick.  Counselors will not apply rub on sunscreen.
Log on to our Y Camp Life portal to check out fun photos of your camper in action! Visit Y Camp Life >>
We are committed to giving you all the information you need to be prepared and have an awesome camp experience! Our Parent Handbook will be able to answer many of your camp questions. After reading over the handbook if you have additional question please email us

You’ll receive a “Welcome to Camp” email with detailed camp information the week prior to your child attending camp. Please read through it thoroughly. If you do not receive an email by the Friday prior to camp starting, please email us
Want to learn more about child safety at the Y? Here is our commitment to ensuring the protection of every child. Learn more >>
Harris Day Camp Office
harrisdaycamp@ymcacharlotte.org | 704-716-6858
Camp Directors:
Day Camp
  • Meaghan Hinckley (Preschool)
  • Colin Ashely (School Age)
  • Tim Jordan (Middle School)
Adventure Camps
  • Colin Ashley (School Age)
  • Tim Jordan (Middle School)
Arts & Education Camps
  • Colin Ashley
Dance & Gymnastics
  • Marta Clarkson/Josh Langdon (Gymnastics/Cheer)
  • Margaret Rhodes (Dance)
Imagination & Fun
  • Colin Ashley (School Age)
Sports & Fitness
  • Jessica Hudson
  • Abby Walton
  • Caleb Smith
  • Dave Williamson
  • Marissa Cheek

For more information, please stop by or contact:
Sales & Service Center | 704 716 6800