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Child Safety at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte


Children’s safety is a foundational priority for the Y in our mission to help youth reach their full potential. In our commitment to ensuring the protection of every child, our staff and volunteers adhere to strict Child Abuse Prevention Policies and Reporting Procedures. These policies and procedures promote a positive, nurturing environment while protecting children and teens, and those who work with them in our organization.

To keep children in our programs safe, we take the following steps in our intensive screening of employees and volunteers:

  • Detailed application forms
  • Comprehensive interview process
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Members and program participants are required to abide by our Code of Conduct
  • Staff and Volunteers complete an extensive child abuse prevention training program
  • Staff and Volunteers are required to abide by our Child Abuse Prevention Policies below

See something, Say Something

It takes everyone’s help to stop the cycle of abuse. If you encounter what might appear to be an act of child abuse or neglect, we offer a confidential consultation hotline through Praesidium Child Abuse Prevention. You can share your concerns safely and anonymously by calling (855) 347-0751.  YMCA Staff are mandated to report any suspected child abuse.

To report or discuss additional safety concerns or provide feedback, please contact:

YMCA of Greater Charlotte 
Risk Management Team
cap@ymcacharlotte.org | (704) 716-6215