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Join the Mission - Becoming a Member


The moment you decide to become a member of the YMCA you are already on your way to making a profound difference in your life and in the lives of others.  By becoming a member of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, participating as  a volunteer, or contributing financially as a donor or program participant you have a unique opportunity to impact your neighbor by way of our many mission-driven programs. 

Your membership at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte is so much more than a monthly contribution to your overall health and wellness; it is a long term engagement that offers you a unique opportunity to find community, to connect with your neighbors, and to support a cause you can believe in. 

We are so much more than a gym or a pool.  The Y is a place of community where you can join others in a group exercise class or on the basketball court. It’s where you lift up your neighbor as you participate in volunteer opportunities coaching youth sports or read with young children.

To show how much we value our community, we collectively support one another through paid memberships. A portion of every paid membership serves to sponsor people from all parts of our community, giving them access to YMCA membership that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Because of this subsidy, our My Y Scholarships extended to lower income families and individuals gives everyone the incredible advantage to join the Y as a member.  We also participate in a national YMCA military membership program which discounts the price of membership for active military and their families.

Sign up to join the YMCA of Greater Charlotte today and see how our mission can make a positive lasting impact in your life and in the lives of your neighbors.