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Membership Requests

Membership Hold/Leave of Absence

  • Put your membership on a temporary hold for 30, 60, or 90 days. Memberships placed on a 30,60, or 90 day hold will automatically resume at the end of the hold period.

Reinstatement of Membership Hold/Leave of Absence

  • Ready to come back early from your Hold/Leave of Absence? Complete this form to resume your membership earlier than your original resume date.

Request to Cancel your Membership

  • If a membership hold/leave of absence doesn’t meet your needs and you have made the difficult decision to cancel your membership, please use this form.

Membership Change Form

  • Do you need to add or remove someone from your membership? Use this form to make changes to your account.


Program Requests

Request to Make Changes to / Cancel a Program

  • We understand that things change in your busy schedule and you may need to make changes to your programs. Use this form to make changes to a program or to request a program cancellation.