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Babysitter Training

Learn how to supervise children.Learn how to supervise children.
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Babysitting Training


Learn how to care for infants and children, change a diaper, burp a baby, how to make good decisions and handle emergencies.

Safe Sitter Certification

Our Safe Sitter Certification course will teach them all they need to know about taking care of little ones, entrepreneurship, basic first aid and so much more. Sitters ages 11-14 will gain confidence and leave with an official certification worth bragging about! Girl Scouts can earn their babysitting badge through the YMCA Safe Sitter program, as well.

Private Babysitting Training

Do you have a child or group of children interested in becoming top-notch babysitters? Purchase a private class of Babysitting Training for your Girl Scout Troop, birthday party or neighborhood to develop and grow together. Contact your local branch for more information and to make a reservation.