Explaining about first aid in life support class at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte


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Basic Life Support Classes


We offer courses in CPR and First Aid for all ages. All certifications achieved are valid for 2 years and come with a digital copy of the material to keep. If you do not see a specific course available, please fill out the form below.

Learn to provide lifesaving skills as an individual or a group. Our American Safety & Health Institute-endorsed instructors provide training at our branches or take our program to your group. Our customized approach will provide the right class and timeline to fit your needs.

To accommodate for trainer requirements, prices shown are for 1-10 students. Customized programs are also available for larger groups up to 20 participants per class.


Basic Life Support (Formerly CPR-PRO/AED) and Basic First Aid - American Safety and Health Institue (ASHI) curriculum

  • Online Pre-work - average 3 Hours
  • In-Person Training - scheduled for 3 hours
  • $60 Y Members | $81 Program Participant


Pediatric, Adult, Child/Infant CPR/AED First Aid - ASHI or ARC curriculum taught may vary by month but are approved by the NCDHHS.

  • Online Pre-work - average 3 Hours
  • In-Person Training - scheduled for 3.5 hours
  • $70 Y Members | $95 Program Participant


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Group classes can be requested below, are at group rates, and can be customized to your needs.

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