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Stay cool.Stay cool.
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Pools & Water Parks


Cool off at one of our many pools and water parks where you can jump, swim and splash the days away. Staying active in and out of the water is just one of the many ways the Y strengthens us all.

Pool Closing Policy

  • Weather: Thunder & Lightning - The pool closes for 30 minutes if thunder is heard or lightning is seen by a lifeguard. The pool reopens 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder or lightning sighting. We clear the pool deck for the 30-minute period.
  • Heavy Rain: If a lifeguard cannot see the bottom of the pool because of heavy rain, we close the pool. Members may stay on the pool deck until the rain lessens, and lifeguards decide that it is safe to swim
  • Water Contamination
  • Chemical or Mechanical Failure
  • Emergency Closures

See the below list for a comparison of all our various pool and waterpark amenities.

Indoor Pool, Kiddie Pool, Wading Pool, Warm Pool, Water Park,
Cool Pool Water Slide
Cool Pool Water Slide
Indoor Pool Warm Pool
Cool Pool, Indoor Pool, Kiddie Pool, Vortex Pool, Warm Pool, Water Park,
Cool Pool Kiddie Pool
Indoor Pool Warm Pool
Indoor Pool, Wading Pool, Warm Pool, Water Park, Water Slide,
Indoor Pool, Kiddie Pool, Warm Pool,
Indoor Pool Warm Pool
Cool Pool, Indoor Pool, Vortex Pool, Warm Pool, Water Slide,
Indoor Pool Warm Pool
Kiddie Pool Water Park
Water Park
Indoor Pool, Kiddie Pool, Wading Pool, Warm Pool, Water Park,
Indoor Pool, Wading Pool, Water Park,
Cool PoolIndoor PoolKiddie PoolVortex PoolWading PoolWarm PoolWater ParkWater SlideWhirlpool
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