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Youth and Family Fitness Classes

About Youth and Family Fitness

Youth and Family Fitness classes are fun and playful workouts. These low-intensity exercise classes are specifically designed for specific age groups and their developing skills and interests to help kids find the fun in fitness.


Skill level: Basic Classes Available



  • Develop a love for fitness & wellness at an early age 
  • Relaxation
  • Strenth & Conditioning
  • Improved Flexibility


Class Preparation

  • New to class? Arrive a little early so your instructor can give you some pointers. 
  • Alert your instructor of any injuries so they can provide modification options. 
  • Take it slow. Arrive a few minutes before class starts. You’ll feel more relaxed.


Check the class schedule to find Youth and Family fitness programs near you. Simply select the day you want and view the daily schedule for the branch.

Functional Training: Teens combines the elements strength, power, balance, accuracy and endurance in the right balance for growing bodies.  A functional style workout utilizes interval or circuit training to produce an approriate high intensity workout experience. We incorporate equipment like TRX, Kettlebells, Plyo-Boxes, Olympic lifting and bodyweight exercises to increase calorie expenditure and build muscles.


Medium Intensity
Intermediate Skill

Active Kids is an exercise program designed for kids grade K-5 with strength & aerobic activities to teach children to enjoy exercise and learn how to have a healthy body. All activities are taught in a fun, engaging and age-appropriate manner.

Low Intensity
Basic Skill

Youth Athletic Development - In partnership with Architech Sports, engage your young athletes in a weekly sport specific strength and conditioning workout to keep them on top of their game. For those who opt-in, we'll be sharing daily workouts via email with full structured workouts as well as a weekly training schedule to keep you sharp and focused until you're able to get back with your team.  Click the link to learn more and get registered for the daily workouts.



A pre/postnatal cardio and strength workout! If you are post-natal, feel free to bring your child, two years and under in a stroller. Some baby exercises will be included. Check out a parent/child exercise class nearby!

Low Intensity
Basic Skill

Fitness is a family affair at the Y! This family-friendly Circuit Training class is designed specifically for children 8 and up to participate alongside a parent or guardian. Whether jumping rope, running steps or practicing planks, both kids and adults will move between strength and cardio stations, getting a great total body workout while having family fitness fun at the same time! All circuit training fitness classes will include options for both kids as well as adults, from beginner to intermediate.

Low Intensity
Basic Skill

This class fuses rhythm and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program. You will achieve long term benefits while experiencing calorie burning, body energizing, and awe inspiring movements. The routines feature interval training, using fast and slow rhythms to tone your body while burning fat.  Who knew working out could be this much fun!

Low Intensity
Basic Skill

This pre/postnatal exercise class is a great cardio workout with low impact. Modifications are made for those who are pregnant and for those that are new mothers.

Low Intensity
Basic Skill

Yoga: Teens is a Yoga class designed for those in grades 6-12 to encourage exercise and wellness at this age. This class incorporates yoga postures, breathing exercises and a mind focus to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Low Intensity
Basic Skill