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YMCA Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

Did you know that one of your membership benefits is access to paid training sessions with over 100 fully qualified personal trainers across our 19 area locations? When you choose a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer at the YMCA, you will get a customized training plan to achieve your goals. Our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers look at where you are in your fitness journey and create a plan that considers your age, experience and lifestyle so that no two training plans will ever be identical.

Personal Trainers

Brett A.

Candy A.

China A.

Derrick A.

Juan A.

Kathryn A.

Randy A.

Randy A.

Sue A.

Thom A.

Adam B.

Alex B.

Amy B.

Charmayne B.

Chase B.

Cindy B.

Cindy B.

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

Cynthia B.

Dianne B.

Dina B.

Elizabeth B.

Erin B.

Holly B.

Jessica B.

We got this!

Justin B.

Katie B.

Maresa B.

Mark B.

Randy B.

Sarah B.

Stephanie B.

Tyler B.

Alex C.

Amy C.

Daniel C.

Donna C.

Doug C.

Jenna C.

Jenna C.

Jennah C.

Joe C.

Karmen C.

Kate C.

Wake Up with determination, and Go to bed with satisfaction.

Lauren C.

Lori C.

Mercedes C.

Michelle C.

Molly C.

Rachel C.

Sarah C.

Sean C.

Amy D.

Carlos D.

Cherita D.

Diana D.

Julie D.

Kelsey D.

Monica D.

Natalie D.

Samantha D.

Virginia D.

Gabriella E.

Adam F.

The only way to get there, is to go there.

Bob F.

Heather F.

Jermaine F.

Kayla F.

Kristen F.

Sara F.

Andrew G.

Ashley G.

Chalice G.

Demi G.

Eliana G.

Greg G.

Joshua G.

Julie G.

Kyle G.

Palmer G.

Phyllis G.

Ann H.

Antonio H.

Ashley H.

Dakota H.

Daniele H.

Erin H.

Jay H.

Marlicia H.

Meghan H.

Meghan H.

Minnie H.

Shawntel H.

William H.

Tanisha I.

DeMontez J.

Javon J.

Laura J.

Amber K.

Brad K.

Heath K.

JaNassa K.

Breanca L.

Kelly L.

Liz L.

Nick L.

Ashley M.

Brian M.

Brittany M.

Daniel M.

Daniel M.

Darrius M.

Drago M.

Jessi M.

Laura M.

Linda M.

Loreyn M.

Louise M.

Lydia M.

Mary M.

Sophia M.

Susan M.

Jennifer N.

Ashley P.

Billie P.

Cynthia P.

Eric P.

Gita P.

Mark P.

Michelle P.

Nicole P.

Becky R.

Beth R.

Cameron R.

Carl R.

Dave R.

Jared R.

Lori R.

Megan R.

Mike R.

Windell R.

Aisha S.

Alex S.

Alison S.

Allen S.

Amy S.

Live your dream!

Ashley S.

Beth S.

Daniel S.

Derrick S.

Helen S.

Jess S.


Josh S.

Karrie S.

Kate S.

Katie S.

Mariah S.

Melissa S.

Michele S.

Natan S.

Nate S.

Ritchie S.

Starlyn S.

Vicki S.

Amanda T.

Andrew T.

Aneesh T.

Christine T.

Cindy T.

Crystal T.

Dan T.

Dianne T.

Karen T.

Kathy T.

Patricia T.

Sharon T.

Stephanie T.

Cristina V.

Consistency is key

Teri V.

Alexandra W.

Beth W.

Bryan W.

"No effort equals No results. How bad do you want it"

Christina W.

James W.

Kathleen W.

Matt W.

Melissa W.

Robin W.

Robin W.

Sarah W.

Alex Y.

Daniel Y.

Amanda Z.