Check. Change. Control.

Let the Y help you manage your high blood pressure.Let the Y help you manage your high blood pressure.
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Check. Change. Control.


Check. Change. Control. is an evidence-based hypertension management program that utilizes blood pressure self-monitoring to empower participants to take ownership of their cardiovascular health through the American Heart Association. The program incorporates the concepts of remote monitoring, online tracking and volunteer health mentors to encourage participants. With 103 million people in the United States having high blood pressure, we want to help people manage this condition and bring about positive change.

Check. Change. Control. is a 4-month program where participants track their blood pressure and receive education around manageable lifestyle changes. These lifestyle management lessons allow participants to take what they learn and activate that knowledge in order to make sustainable changes.

This is a program that can be accessed by visiting one of the Wellness on Wheels sites or by emailing