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YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
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Our exciting recreational and competitive basketball leagues help kids improve their skills, challenge themselves and grow in sportsmanship.

There’s no better place to learn the basics of basketball than where it was invented in 1891– the Y. Our basketball programs emphasize the values of team sports, including fair play, team work and having fun. 
Kids uncover a new level of determination and elevate skills 
They’re encouraged to practice good sportsmanship, win or lose
Players gain confidence in their handling, dribbling, passing, shooting and defensive skills
Kids make new friends, learn positive life lessons and develop a healthy and active lifestyle

A place to belong and grow

Kids who play basketball and engage in healthy competition discover so much more than their athletic abilities. They experience a sense of belonging and learn what working together accomplishes. We encourage kids to challenge themselves as players and people. 

Talented coaches who care

Our coaches know how to encourage fun while maximizing the individual potential of each player. Players practice drills and games designed to develop the fundamental skills of ball handling, dribbling, passing, shooting and defense.

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