For Successful Crews

Adventure Guides provides valuable resources for training, meetings, activities and more.


Outing Ideas

Create your own crew fun.

From sporting events to arts performances, we encourage crews to schedule personalized outings. These outings help to ensure that dads and kids get the most out of their Adventure Guides experience.

Need help coming up with some fun, exciting activities? Check out our list of Fun Things to Do. To schedule any of the activities on this list, please contact the vendor directly.

Captain Training

Strong Captains Make Strong Crews

Congratulations on starting your fabulous journey as Captain. With a small investment of time, you help build a successful crew. As Captain, you are responsible for the overall crew leadership. The Captain presides at meetings ensuring continuity plus serves as the primary coordinator with the YMCA staff. The Captain also represents the crew at Captain meetings.

Continue building memories with your child and do not underestimate the pride your child takes in your role as Captain.

Here are some basic tips for new Captains to build a successful crew:


Schedule regular Dad's meetings.

  • These meetings are without children.
  • Important for setting the crew meeting schedules and developing friendships among the dads.


Set the crew meeting and events schedule.

  • Get monthly meetings, events and Outings on members’ calendars early.
  • Schedule crew meetings monthly.
    • New crews may want to meet more often to help build relationships and to develop crew unity.
    • Strive to personally deliver invitations for crew meetings during the first year.
  • Schedule a monthly crew outing.
  • Schedule Outings and Signature Events.
    • Pick your first and second choices for Outings and Princess Date Nights. Register as early as possible. Outings and Princess Date Nights fill up quickly. Register online for these annual events as individuals, not as a crew.
  • Set the crew schedule in two parts: January - June and August - December.
  • Pay attention to holidays and your school calendar
  • Set schedules early and then make changes later.


Communicate with your crew.

  • Create an email list that includes member and spouse email addresses.
  • Establish a phone tree.
  • Keep dads informed and unified.
  • Moms’ help can be essential to a crew's success.


For additional Captain training and information, please contact:
Adventure Guides Program Office | 704-716-4130

Captain Meetings

Get the latest information.

Each crew's Captain or designated representative attends the Captain Meetings. We host at least two Captain Meetings per Adventure Guides year; one in September and one in January, with others added as needed. We send upcoming meeting dates and locations to all Captains via email.

At Captain Meetings, you receive and share vital information:

  • The most current information for upcoming Signature Events and Outings.
  • Copy of your current crew roster and the opportunity to make any corrections.
  • Ideas for crew outings, crafts, games, stories and more.
  • Request needed supplies.
  • Answers to your questions.
  • Opportunity to give feedback to Adventure Guides Leaders and Staff.
  • Time to network in small groups with other Captains and discuss ways to maintain a strong crew.
Crew Meetings

Mix crafts, games, songs and stories.

We recommend that you work from an agenda / checklist at every monthly crew meeting as described in the Adventure Guides Handbook. It organizes the meeting and helps every crew member know their responsibility.

Plan activity times during each meeting that are fun for kids and dads. Find ideas below to build energy and interaction into your monthly crew meetings.