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Social Responsibility - Access and Belonging for All


At the Y, our welcoming network of support helps people from all walks of life find the encouragement and tools they need to thrive regardless of age, ethnicity, ability or income. With our doors open to all, we offer a place for belonging, relationship-building and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual. We believe every child, family and community should have what they need to achieve their best.

A Place to Belong and Thrive

From bringing seniors together to avoid isolation, to helping a child with cognitive disabilities play baseball, to giving a single mother access to high-quality childcare she otherwise could not afford, we work every day to ensure that we are socially responsible and that everyone has a place to belong at the Y. Together, with the support of our volunteers, donors and partners, we’re able to unite individuals from all walks of life to build community and work for positive social change.

Support That Changes Lives

Engaging 296,000 people annually, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte is also committed to supporting those in greatest need. Nearly half of our members receive financial assistance totaling $14.4 million each year, making life-changing programs and services available to those who would not be able to participate without it. Through the generous support of our Annual Campaign donors and My Y Pricing rate adjustments, we are able to make the Y accessible for all.

Access for All
For Social Responsibility

Accessible Activities

We serve people from all parts of our community to find ways where a person’s physical, mental and spiritual gifts are not just recognized, but also celebrated.

Equal Membership Access

By offering rate adjustments for individuals and families with an annual household income under $80,000, My Y Pricing is designed to make the Y affordable for all. When we work together to provide access for all, we move individuals, families and communities forward.

Safe Places

We believe that all teens have potential, and that a successful future is fostered by caring adults who make teens feel valued, capable and safe. When a teen is in crisis, it is important that they know where to go to get help. Thanks to Safe Place and the Y, help is always close at hand.