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Diversity and Inclusion - DIG Committee


The Diversity, Inclusion & Global (DIG) committee of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte’s Association Board of Directors is chartered to be a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte’s work. The committee provides expertise and leadership on diversity, inclusion and global matters, and helps develop organizational policies, procedures and goals.

YMCA of Greater Charlotte 2017 Diversity, Inclusion and Global Committee

  • David Head - 2017 Committee Chair
    • Melissa Anderson
    • Omega Autry
    • Yvonne Davis
    • Kenston Griffin
    • Bridget-Anne Hampden
    • George Hanna
    • Beth Hernandez
    • Cory Hohnbaum
    • Reggie Pincham
    • David Pinkley
    • Toussaint Romain
    • DeLisse Thomas
    • Sam Wazan
    • Katrina Whelchel
    • Bob Woods
    • Padej Yakamna