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Diversity and Inclusion - Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have grown in popularity not only at the Y but through the corporate, not-for-profit, and public sectors because they have the capacity to achieve so much for minimal resources.  ERGs improve staff retention, strengthen diverse recruitment, develop informal support networks for staff, connect with diverse or under-served communities, and build bridges and understanding between groups, both within and beyond the Y.  Above all, they help YMCAs to fulfill the their mission to ensure access and inclusion for all.

While ERGs have the capability of advancing many business and organizational objectives, YMCA of the USA, with input from the six national ERGs, has defined three core results most relevant to the Y’s mission that employee resource groups can help your Y achieve:

  • Staff & volunteer leadership development
  • Community engagement
  • Building bridges

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Employee Resource Groups
For Social Responsibility

African American Resource Network

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte African American Resource Network addresses the need for retention & recruitment, bridge building and culture & awareness for team member and volunteers that identify as African American and/or Black. This employee-led network seeks to provide a space for support, networking, and personal & professional development for the advancement of Black people within the YMCA movement.