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Global Services - New American Welcome Center


At the Y, we believe communities are at their strongest when everyone feels valued, has support to reach their potential and can fully participate in society. For more than 170 years, the Y has helped immigrants integrate into their new neighborhoods and prepared receiving communities to be welcoming and inclusive. Today, with more than 42 million foreign-born individuals living in the U.S., the Y is committed to offering immigrants the integration services and opportunities needed to be self-reliant, connected, and contributing members of their new communities.

Welcoming New Americans

The YMCA of Greater Charlotte is proud to be a New American Welcome Center, an initiative launched by YMCA of the USA in 2017 by which YMCAs foster an environment that encourages immigrant integration and community cohesion. The YMCA’s New American Welcome Center is designed to help immigrants and newcomers fully integrate into American Society and prepare receiving communities to be welcoming and inclusive. New American Welcome Centers accomplish this through a combination of integration services, collaborations with community leaders and businesses, and strategies to connect and build cross-cultural understanding between immigrants and U.S.-born residents. This integration model empowers immigrants to achieve their full potential and prepares receiving communities to be inclusive through a focus on language and education, economic integration and employment, health and wellbeing, citizenship and civic engagement, and community development.

A Center for Cohesion and Connection

As a New American Welcome Center, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte aims to build a welcome center described as cohesive, revitalized, inclusive, globally connected, a vibrant democracy, and secure. Located in the heart of East Charlotte, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte’s Simmons YMCA serves as our New American Welcome Center hub. East Charlotte is one of the most diverse segments of Charlotte, and where many newcomers and refugees land upon arrival in Charlotte. As our New American Welcome Center hub, the Simmons YMCA provides support, resources and referrals for anyone who walks in its doors.