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Diversity and Inclusion - Supplier Diversity


At the Y, we understand that creating meaningful, lasting change that improves lives requires bringing together people and businesses that represent the diversity of our community. As part of our commitment to ensuring access, inclusion, and engagement for all, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte has an opportunity and responsibility to intentionally and strategically engage diverse vendors, business peers and partners in our cause of strengthening community. Supplier diversity is an essential component of our diversity and inclusion strategy and offers opportunities to build bridges with diverse vendors and suppliers and broaden the Y’s impact through ensuring access, inclusion and engagement for all.

Vision and Mission of Supplier Diversity

Our vision is to position the YMCA of Greater Charlotte as a supplier diversity advocate within the community and larger YMCA movement, and to provide equal access to all suppliers of quality, cost effective products and services while improving the stewardship of our financial resources. We aim to create an inclusive sourcing environment by emphasizing procurement opportunities for minority- and woman-owned businesses, build strategic relationships and purchase from diverse suppliers.

Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships

In order for a supplier diversity initiative to be sustainable, it must be economically feasible. Diverse suppliers are not given special treatment; just an opportunity to compete. In a well-designed and managed supplier diversity program, an organization is not asked to compromise or reduce its quality standards or pay a premium in exchange for purchasing from diverse suppliers. The YMCA of Greater Charlotte is committed to developing mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse business enterprises through its supplier diversity initiative.