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Church - The Y Mission

Beloved Community Church at Simmons YMCA

A place for YMCA members and the community to come for prayer and/or reflection.

Our Partnership with Beloved Community Church at Simmons YMCA

Our Vision is to become passionate disciples, seekers of Christ, and leaders in the community. We believe that our Values teach, support, and guide our roles to share God's vision for this church with the world. 


Sunday Worship

11:00am - Service

Simmons YMCA

6824 Democracy Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28212


As the Senior Pastor of this new and passionate ministry, I am excited to join you on your "New Me Journey." Beloved Community Church is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, family oriented ministry seeking the love of Christ. It is God's intention for this ministry to live in His word and let the peace of Christ rule our hearts. In everything we do, in word or service, we will be careful to give all praise ?and glory to our ?Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Rev. Dr. T. Leon Williams, Pastor