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King of Kings Church at Harris YMCA

We believe that Christians are new creations in Christ and that this amazing gift of grace has more to say about who we are - our core identity - than anything else. And grace is meant to be shared.

Our Partnership with King of Kings Church at Harris YMCA

When you join us on a Sunday, we hope you’ll have a powerful experience of being met by the Living God.

  • We sing a blend of contemporary and ancient worship songs – both hymns and modern choruses.
  • We follow a liturgy (structure for worship) which includes prayers said by the congregation, a public reading of scripture, and a corporate confession of sin.
  • We believe God uses the faithful preaching of His Word to change lives. Our sermons seek to have enough depth for the life-long disciple and enough clarity for someone new to the faith.
  • We celebrate Communion (also called the Eucharist) every Sunday. The bread and wine is offered to any baptized believer in Jesus Christ, regardless of denominational background. Prayer is always available during Communion.
  • Our service runs approximately 1.5 hours. A nursery is available until Communion. Older children are dismissed for a portion of the service for Sunday school.
  • We always gather for some Rwandan coffee and treats after the service.


Sunday Worship

10:00am - Service

Harris YMCA

5900 Quail Hollow Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28210


Having been rescued by Jesus, we are free to faithfully embrace the 3 great calls of Scripture:

  • Shared Love (The Great Commandment of Matthew 22, Mark 12 and Luke 10): Taking our cue from the OT and from Jesus, we're called to a life of love - an all-encompassing love of God and of neighbor.
  • Shared Mission (The Great Commission of Matthew 28): Mission should be our natural response to the grace of God. And mission isn't a new idea that began with Jesus or the Apostles; it was always part of God's plan.  In Deuteronomy, the Lord repeatedly said, "Remember that you were slaves in Egypt". God rescues us from slavery, so that we might in turn go and rescue other captives with the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus! 
  • Shared Life (The Great Fellowship of Acts 2): The latter verses in Acts 2 serve as quite a picture of what it means to deeply partake of life together and of the strengthening fruit of fellowship.  We have the privilege and joy of journeying together through the ups, downs and in betweens of life in order to be a transformative community of hope.